Strong Tower Radio is doing an on-location Seventh-day Adventist school tour on the radio during July and August. Some of you may have never experienced or appreciated multi-grade classrooms that, academically and socially, can hold itself high in student performance outcomes. These classrooms were the way education was conducted in many rural schools of the past and are the predominate configuration in Seventh-day Adventist Schools today.

Strong Tower Radio took digital portable recorders to eight different schools in April and May. We were totally amazed at the extra dynamics that were captured. Like Honey the Bunny, the Troy Adventist Academy classroom rabbit that ate the student's homework, but this time the teacher had viable proof that the rabbit really did it. In these interviews we captured school choirs, student testimonies, parents' accounts, and a school's daycare that has a student "waiting in the womb."

Seventh-day Adventist education is a worldwide system. Yet, each school has its own unique application and endearing identity. Learn about each one below!

We will be adding more each week!