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Strong Tower Radio is a West Central Michigan Media Ministries non-profit organization.

On October 27, 2023, Maisy Grace Hover went to sleep in Jesus after an intense battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).    We thank God that Strong Tower Radio (STR) was a companion to Maisy the last few years of her life, beginning with the summer of 2016.   After discovering STR by accidentally changing the radio dial when she moved the radio, Maisy was amazed at the many things she learned while listening to STR!    The STR broadcasts taught her so much truth that she’d never heard, even though she’d grown up in church, and also revealed that much of what she’d been taught was not Biblical, but manmade tradition instead!

After a few months of listening to STR, Maisy arranged to visit the nearest Seventh-day Adventist Church.   She no longer drove due to complications from a 2015 car accident, and soon church members were providing transport to and from church each Sabbath.   Maisy began to thrive despite her difficult situation.   Every day had its challenges, as she dealt with light and sound sensitivity, near constant headaches, and other post-accident neural challenges.    These didn’t stop her growing love for Jesus, and she was at church every Sabbath she could be.

Bible studies soon followed with pastor Larry and elder Allen patiently answering her many questions.   Satan wasn’t happy that all his attacks hadn’t kept Maisy down, and in summer of 2021 a blood pressure incident caused her to pass out and break two vertebrae, interrupting her life and the Bible studies.

But God sent help, and a nearby family checked on her, found her on the floor, took her to the hospital for immediate surgery, and despite Covid-19 clamor, they took her into their home and nursed her to health!  Praise God!  

Her radio tuner was starting to lose signal, and God sent more help in June 2022 when Maisy attended her first Michigan Campmeeting.    Upon entering the STR ministry booth drawing, her name was randomly selected for a radio designed for rural listeners!   Now she could listen to STR with much better reception than ever, what a blessing! 

Bible studies resumed in summer of 2022, and on September 17, 2022, Maisy-Grace Hover consecrated her life to Jesus Christ in baptism at the Fremont Seventh-day Adventist Church.   Glory to God!

That became the high point in her life, as in May 2023, Maisy discovered that her battered nervous system was degenerating from ALS.    Just over a year after publically witnessing her love for Jesus, Maisy Grace Hover died with the hope of awakening in the first resurrection when Jesus soon returns in clouds of glory.

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