Resurrection Week Special Programs

The Resurrection: Then & Now series is a chance to share the complete story of the resurrection with your nominal Christian friends and those who don’t know much about Jesus! Much of the Christian world has compartmentalized the resurrection as four days a very long time ago and a three day religious event each year.

Rejoice in the irrefutable facts about how the following are tied together, predicted by Christ, and validations of the plan of salvation:
  • Christ’s resurrection
  • Why Christ and the saved must rise
  • How sanctification as a new creature is inevitable
  • The necessity of the risen Christ to serve as the High Priest to redeem mankind
  • The state of the dead
  • The second coming

We have archived this series below. If you missed a program in this segment the week it was aired, you can find it by title. If you have not heard any, we suggest that you listen to them in order as they appear (Real-Time, Justification, Sanctification, High Priest, & the 2nd Coming).