Fresh Manna

“Fresh Manna” fell to the ground as a gift from God while the Israelites were in the wilderness. This is what they ate for 40 years. It was fresh from the ovens of Heaven, baked by the Master Baker Himself. How the Israelites must have anticipated the taste and the smell of each morning’s delivery! Now you too, can anticipate the taste and the smell of “Fresh Manna” from God, weekday mornings at 11am and then again (if you’re a night owl), at 2am on Strong Tower Radio. We will be featuring pastors and lay people from throughout Michigan delivering their finest sermons for you to feast upon each day. Be sure to tune in and get your belly full weekdays on Strong Tower Radio… “Where God’s character is proclaimed!”…OR click through our Fresh Manna Archive below!  

STAY TUNED….we’re Always adding NEW Sermons! 

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2021 Fresh Manna Sermons

Air DateLocal SDA PastorSermon Title
September 25, 2021Pastor Ron KellyCaesar and the Sixth Day
September 24, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsGod Still Brings People to The Water
September 23, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Lowliest of Men
September 22, 2021Pastor Sean ReedWon't You Be My Neighbor
September 21, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraA Certain Message for an Uncertain Time
September 20, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisLuke: The Savior of the World
September 17, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsA Fleece Woven In Fear
September 16, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganProbation & the Second Coming
September 15, 2021Pastor Sean ReedIn A Little While
September 14, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraThe Reward of the Faithful
September 13, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisMark: Follow Me
September 10, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Mixed-up Faith of Joash
September 9, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraPraying for Rain
September 8. 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanBabylon's Three Messages
September 7, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisMatthew: Behold Your King
September 6, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganNo Sword Found
September 3, 2021Pastor Phil MillsDo Not Lie & Its Not About the Tesla
September 2, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyEffective & Fervent
September 1, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanJesus Is Not Coming Soon
August 31, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisMalachi: My Jewels
August 30, 2021Pastor Ron KellyThe Kingdom & the Cult
August 28, 2021Pastor Sean ReedWholly Holy
August 27, 2021Farai NhiwatiwaThe Power of the Word
August 26, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsAnother Generation
August 25, 2021Past Jermaine GayleEnough Trouble
August 24, 2021Pastor Cody FrancesZechariah: The Lord Remembers
August 23, 2021Pastor Ron KellyCancer on Christian Education
August 21, 2021Pastor Sean ReedWhen the Sun Sets Too Soon
August 20, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraWhen God Meets You
August 19, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsFinding Joy in Affliction
August 18, 2021Jermaine GayleGenerational Games
August 17, 2021Cody FrancisHaggai: Is It Time?
August 16, 2021Pastor Ron KellyThe Prophet & the Professor
August 14, 2021Pastor Sean ReedWhen the Sun Sets Too Soon
August 13, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraWhen Jesus Meets Your Greatest Fear
August 12, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanProphetic Heart-Searching
August 11, 2021Pastor Phil MillsThou Shalt Not Steal
August 10, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisZephaniah: Hidden by the Lord
August 9, 2021Pastor Ron KellyInexcusable Ignorance
August 6, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraWhat to Do When Things Don't Go Your Way
August 5, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanSurviving the Times
August 4, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Power of a Question
August 3, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisHabakkuk: Yet I Will Rejoice
August 2, 2021Pastor Ron KellyLet the Righteous Women Rise Up
July 30, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraPower In the Blood
July 29, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsWithout Human Hands
July 28, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganPractical Tips
July 27, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyWho Is My Neighbor?
July 26, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisNahum: The Good News of God's Vengeance
July 23, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraSeeking the Lost
July 22, 2021Pastor Farai NhiwatiwaBamboozled
July 21, 2021Pastor Sean ReedWhen Jesus RSVPs
July 20, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyStumbling Blocks 101
July 19, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisMicah: Before the Divine Tribunal
July 17, 2021Pastor Ron KellyThe Kingdom & the Cult
July 16, 2021Pastor Sean ReedA More Excellent Way pt 2
July 15, 2021Pastor Sean ReedA More Excellent Way pt 1
July 14, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganTo the Unknown God
July 13, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanUnstained Purpose
July 12, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisJonah: On the Run
July 10, 2021Pastor Ron KellyCancer on Christian Education
July 9, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraThe Main Issues of the Great Controversy
July 8, 2021Pastor Jermaine GayleRevelation & Relief
July 7, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisObadiah: The Tale of Two Mountains
July 6, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThe Declaration of Dependence
July 5, 2021Pastor Ron KellyThe Peril of the Republic
July 3, 2021Pastor Sean ReedFreedom
July 2, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraStaying on the Wall
July 1, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanDaniel 1: The Power of Influence
June 30, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsFacing Ignorance
June 29, 2021Pastor Phil MillsThe Safeguard of the Mind
June 28, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisAmos: The Danger of Success
June 25, 2021Pastor Moise RatsaraHow to Not Be Deceived at the End of Time -pt 1
June 24, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyLiving Sacrifices
June 23, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsFacing Aimlessness
June 22, 2021Pastor Phil MillsHate - Murder on the Inside
June 21, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisJoel: Rend Your Heart
June 18, 2021Pastors Raymond Holmes and Sean BrizebineMy Father & I
June 17, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyA Father's Love
June 16, 2021Pastor Jermaine GayleIt May Be
June 15, 2021Pastor Jermaine GayleGod Blessed Them
June 14, 2021Pastor Rod ThompsonTrain Up a Child
June 11, 2021Pastor Ron KellyAdventist Education: The Education of Jesus
June 10, 2021Pastor Ron KellyAdventist Education: No Substitutes Allowed
June 9, 2021Pastor Ron KellyAdventist Education: Respectable & Conventional
June 8, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanDaniel One
June 7, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisHosea: A Heartbroken Lover
June 4, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyFaithful Remnant
June 3, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsFacing Aimlessness
June 2, 2021Pastor Ron KellyVitamin D3 & the Healing of the Church
June 1, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisDaniel: God is My Judge
May 31, 2021Pastor Farai NhiwatiwaTrue Freedom
May 29, 2021Pastor Ron KellyInexcusable Ignorance
May 28, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyFruitless Gospel
May 24, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisEzekiel: The Lord is There
May 22, 2021Pastor Ron KellyLet the Righteous Women Rise Up
May 21, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsFacing Fear
May 19, 2021Pastor Sean ReedMore Treasured Than..
May 18, 2021Pastor Farai NhiwatiwaThe God of Time
May 17, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisJeremiah & Lamentations: Beware of Your Heart
May 15, 2021Pastor Ron KellyLeadership in an Immoral World: Inescapable Culpability
May 14, 2021Pastor Fred CalkinsIsaac: Trusting God's Power
May 13, 2021Pastor Sean ReedSalvation Day - 4
May 12, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganGod Cares
May 11, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Faith that Pleases God
May 10, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisIsaiah: The Lord is Salvation!
May 8, 2021Pastor Ron KellyParental Prerogatives
May 7, 2021Pastor Steven SilvaBetter Than a Mother's Comfort
May 6, 2021Pastor Rod ThompsonTrain Up a Child
May 5, 2021Pastor Pat & Tami MilliganRaising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
May 4, 2021Pastor Ron KellyI have Children, Therefore I am a Parent
May 3, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisSong of Solomon: The Flame of Yahweh
April 30, 2021Pastor Fred CalkinsAbraham: Believe the Promise
April 29, 2021Pastor Sean ReedSalvation Day - 3
April 27, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanCovenant Marriage: The Mission of the Family
April 26, 2021Pastor Cody FrancesEcclesiastes: The Meaning of Life
April 23, 2021Pastor Fred CalkinsNoah: Do or Die
April 22, 2021Pastor Sean ReedSalvation Day - 2
April 21, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsFinding Christ in II Chronicles
April 20, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanMarriage Covenant: Sclerocardia
April 19, 2021Pastor Cody FrancesProverbs: Two Paths
April 16, 2021Pastor Sean ReedSalvation Day - 1
April 15, 2021Pastor Fred CalkinsEnoch: The Biggest Through Hike
April 14, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Secret of Marriage
April 13, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanConflict in the Marriage Covenant
April 12, 2021Pastor Cody FrancesPsalms: Praise the Lord
April 9, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsWalking Gardens
April 8, 2021Pastor Wes PeppersThe Complete Wholeness of Jesus & You
April 7, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisJob: Trusting God in the Darkness
April 6, 2021Pastor Phil MillsDo Not Make an I.D.O.L
April 5, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsWe Need to Look Higher
April 2, 2021Pastor Ron KellyResurrecting Hope
April 1, 2021Pastor Pat MilliganWe Serve a Risen Savior
March 31, 2021Pastor Pat MilliganLook & Live
March 30, 2021Pastor Terry NelsonThe Road to Calvary
March 29, 2021Pastor Steven SilvaThe Fragrance of Love
March 27, 2021Pastor Sean ReedA More Excellent Way pt 2
March 26, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganThe Trial, the Cross
March 25, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganGethsemane
March 24, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganThe Final Hours
March 23, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganFollow the Lamb
March 22, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganHold Your Tears
March 20, 2021Pastor Sean ReedA More Excellent Way pt 1
March 19, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineLet Not Your Heart be Troubled
March 18, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThe Gospel of Trees
March 17, 2021Pastor Phil MillsInsert Culture HERE
March 16, 2021Pastor Dan RachorThe Wavering Crowd
March 15, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanCovenant Marriage & Sex
March 12, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsI Wish to See Jesus
March 11, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganTwo Witnesses
March 10, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganStones, Wood, & Some Bread
March 9, 2021Pastor Cody FrancesEsther: Unlikely Deliverance
March 8, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Law of the Marriage Covenant
March 6, 2021Pastor Ron KellyAdventist Education
March 5, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary: Atonement at the Ark
March 4, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisEzra & Nehemiah: Moving Mountains
March 3, 2021Pastor Terry NelsonPastor Nelson's Testimony
March 2, 2021Pastor Steven SilvaHealthy Relationships: the Secret of Peace
March 1, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanLiving the Marriage Covenant
February 27, 2021Pastor Bob BensonPower of Marriage
February 26, 2021Pastor Steven SilvaTen Commandments of Marriage pt 2
February 25, 2021Pastor Steven SilvaTen Commandments of Marriage pt 1
February 24, 2021Pastor Pat & Tami MilliganWhole Marriages in a Broken World pt 2
February 23, 2021Pastor Pat & Tami MilliganWhole Marriages in a Broken World pt 1
February 22, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanMarriage as a Covenant
February 20, 2021Pastor Sean ReedWhat is LOVE?
February 19, 2021Pastor Phil MillsThe Call for Unity
February 18, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganThe Damascus Road
February 17, 2021Pastor Sean ReedFear is Bad & Good
February 16, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary: The Alter of Incense
February 15, 2021Pastor Cody Francis1 & 2 Chronicles: From Temple to Temple
February 12, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsWhen God Becomes an Idol
February 11, 2021Pastor Ron KellyThe Digital Inebriate
February 10, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganThe Emmaus Road
February 9, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary: The Table of Shewbread
February 8, 2021Pastor Cody Francis1 & 2 Kings: A Divided Heart
February 5, 2021Pastor Ariel RoldanHow to Believe in Jesus's Prophetic Purposes
February 4, 2021Pastor Ron KellyThe Liar & the Lion
February 3, 2021Pastor Sean ReedAt the Door
February 2, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary: The Candlestick
February 1, 2021Pastor Cody Francie1 & 2 Samuel: After God's Own Heart
January 29, 2021Pastor Sean ReedThe Diagnosis
January 28, 2021Pastor Garhett MorganVia Dolorosa
January 27, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsSet the Table
January 26, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary: At the Laver
January 25, 2021Pastor Sean ReedFaithful & True
January 22, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisRuth: Next of Kin
January 21, 2021Pastor Bob StewartThe Heart of God
January 20, 2021Pastor Ron KellyWhen is it Going to Get Easier?
January 19, 2021Pastor Darryl BentleyThe New Normal
January 18, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisJoshua & Judges: Right in Our Own Eyes
January 16, 2021Pastor Ron Kelly The Liar & the Lion
January 15, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary: At Calvary's Altar
January 14, 2021Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Sum of Last Year
January 13, 2021Pastor Sean ReedEggs in a Basket pt 4
January 12, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisNumbers: Wilderness Wanderings
January 11, 2021Pastor Ron KellyFrom 2020 to Heavenly Vision
January 8, 2021Pastor Sean BrizendineThrough the Sanctuary
January 7, 2021Pastor Jermaine GayleFor All People
January 6, 2021Pastor Sean ReedEggs in a Basket pt 3
January 5, 2021Pastor Cody FrancisLeviticus: Be Ye Holy
January 4, 2021Pastor Ron KellyHeaded for the Den
January 1, 2021Pastor Pat MilliganLet's Start New

2020 Fresh Manna Sermons

Air DateLocal SDA PastorSermon Title
December 31, 2020Pastor Raymond HolmesNo Better Prize
December 30, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsKingdom Wise
December 29, 2020Pastor Phil MillsA New Year - Living with the End in View
December 28, 2020Pastor Bela KoborThe Way to God's Heart
December 25, 2020Pastor Sean ReedThe Joy of Giving
December 24, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelGiving a Gift
December 23, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyGodly Provisions
December 22, 2020Pastor Pat MilliganLet's Give Jesus a Gift
December 21, 2020Pastor Bela KoborThe Fullness of Time
December 18, 2020Pastor Ron KellyWhy America? Why Thanksgiving?
December 17, 2020Pastor Victor VaughnA Christmas Parable
December 16, 2020Pastor Raymond HolmesWhat Christmas is All About
December 15, 2020Pastor Mac MillsReady for Immanuel
December 14, 2020Pastor Daniel FarrezThe Fullness of Time
December 11, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsRevelation's Elders
December 10, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleA Pattern
December 9, 2020Pastor Sean ReedEggs in a Basket pt 2
December 8, 2020Pastor Cody FrancisExodus: The Way Out
December 7, 2020Pastor Jerryn SchmidtBorn to Fly
December 4, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelIt's All About Who You Know
December 3, 2020Pastor Sean ReedEggs in a Basket
December 2, 2020Pastor Ron KellyThe Last Word
December 1, 2020Pastor Cody FrancisGenesis: In the Beginning, God
November 30, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganThankful for WHAT?
November 27, 2020Pastor Ron KellyVaccinated for the Apocalypse
November 26, 2020Pastor Pat MilliganLet Us Be Thankful
November 25, 2020Pastor Sean ReedOh, Give Thanks to the Lord
November 24, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganNo Place For Complaining
November 23, 2020Pastor Bela KoborO, Give Thanks
November 20, 2020Pastor Phil MillsThe Time of Trouble pt2
November 19, 2020Pastor Phil MillsThe Time of Trouble pt1
November 18, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsA Receiving Church
November 17, 2020Pastor Ron KellyStand & Deliver
November 16, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganCannot Come Down
November 13, 2020Pastor Sean ReedChoose the Lamb
November 12, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyPanorama of Praise
November 11, 2020Pastor Phil MillsThe Final Warning
November 10, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsBeing Time Sensitive
November 9, 2020Pastor Ron KellyThe Shepherd and the Shadow
November 6, 2020Pastor Sean ReedThe Lamb & The Beast pt 2
November 5, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyOperation Thomas
November 4, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleWisdom From Above
November 3, 2020Pastor Ron KellyHow to Hold a Sword pt 2
November 2, 2020Pastor Ron KellyHow to Hold a Sword pt 1
October 30, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesA Light Was Kindled pt 5
October 29, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesA Light Was Kindled pt 4
October 28, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesA Light Was Kindled pt 3
October 27, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesA Light Was Kindled pt 2
October 26, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesA Light Was Kindled pt 1
October 22, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyDirect Line
October 21, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganChurch Growth
October 20, 2020Pastor Sean ReedThe Lamb & The Beast pt 1
October 19, 2020Pastor Ron KellyJourney to Babylon
October 16, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyOne Talent Wonder
October 15, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Two Schools of Romans
October 14, 2020Pastor Ron KellyIf You're Part of the Remnant Grab the Baton
October 13, 2020Pastor Bob StewartYou Can't Get to Heaven Without a Priest
October 12, 2020Pastor Sean ReedA United Church in a Divided World
October 9, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsLiving Sacrifice
October 8, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonTurning Points in Church History: Diet of Worms
October 7, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyMiracle Grow
October 6, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonMake the Mummies Dance
October 5, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleGod's Garden
October 2, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesThe Man
October 1, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesThe Times
September 30, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesThe Mission
September 29, 2020Pastor Darryl Bentley2 Crows & You're Out
September 28, 2020Pastor Ron KellySelf Interest & the Virtual Gospel
September 25, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesWiden the Narrow Gate
September 24, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesPrinciples Become Ethics
September 23, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesWhat Really Matters
September 22, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesAntidote for Anxiety
September 21, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesHis Word Will Stand
September 18, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyFaith to Walk
September 17, 2020Pastor C Raymond HolmesJesus Came Preaching
September 16, 2020Pastor Sean BrizendineI Vow Before God
September 15, 2020Pastor Lincoln SteedA Never Ending Story
September 14, 2020Pastor Ron KellyHow Important is Your Church, Your School, Your Life?
September 11, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyPrimitive Godliness: Consecration
September 10, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyPrimitive Godliness: Confession
September 9, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyPrimitive Godliness: Repentance
September 8, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyPrimitive Godliness: Universal Need
September 7, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyPrimitive Godliness: A Father's Love
September 4, 2020Pastor Wes PeppersCrisis & Corona: Pt 2
September 3, 2020Pastor Wes PeppersCrisis & Corona: Pt 1
September 2, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsA Remnant by Grace & Grafted in by Faith
September 1, 2020Pastor Sean ReedNever Give Up
August 31, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonShipwrecked
August 28, 2020Pastor Ron KellyGive Unto Caesar
August 27, 2020Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Seed: Much Fruit
August 26, 2020Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Seed: Monopoly
August 25, 2020Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Seed: Rootless
August 24, 2020Pastor Ariel RoldanThe Seed: Life Giver
August 21, 2020Pastor Jerryn SchmidtWhat Does God Require of Us?
August 20, 2020Pastor Bob BensonThe Power of Marriage
August 19, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsCarrying Precious Cargo
August 18, 2020Pastor Phil MillsThe Scriptures: A Safeguard
August 17, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyFresh Eyes
August 14, 2020Pastor Sean BrizendineI am Married Unto You
August 13, 2020Pastor Sean ReedThe Family Meal
August 12, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelThe Best Stain Removal
August 11, 2020Pastor Dan RachorOur Daily Bread
August 10, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleThe Children of Light
August 7, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsAn Inconvenient Truth
August 6, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganTake Off the Coat
August 5, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonPersonal Influence
August 4, 2020Pastor Mark SandovalCOVID-19 Prevention & Treatment
August 3, 2020Pastor Ron KellyThe Books and the Final Chapter
July 31, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonCOVID-19 Reflections
July 30, 2020Pastor Sean ReedTwo Are Better Than One
July 29, 2020Pastor Cory HerthalStop Spinning the Tires
July 28, 2020Pastor Phil MillsComing Home
July 27, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleOne Sheep
July 24, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonA passion for God's Presence
July 23, 2020Pastor Ron KellyThe Peril of the Republic
July 22, 2020Pastor Phil MillsConspiracies, Secret Societies & the Occult
July 21, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Unseen Helper of Romans 8
July 20, 2020Pastor Ron KellyWanted: Mighty Men of Valor
July 17, 2020Pastor Sean BrizendineIn His Time
July 16, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganHomecoming
July 15, 2020Pastor Ron KellyThe Crisis of the Empty Lamp
July 14, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonThe Priesthood of All Believers
July 13, 2020Pastor Sean ReedFreedom
July 10, 2020Pastor Phil MillsCan the Dead Speak to Us?
July 9, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelWho Do You Choose?
July 8, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsShall We Continue
July 7, 2020Pastor Phil MillsLiberty of Conscience Threatened pt 2
July 6, 2020Pastor Phil MillsLiberty of Conscience Threatened pt 1
July 3, 2020Pastor Sean BrizendineThe Declaration of Independence
July 2, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelFree Indeed
July 1, 2020Pastor Jim MicheffFreed From the Law
June 30, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelWho Do You Choose?
June 29, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonDirty, Ragged, Sinners
June 12, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 8: Who Moved the Cheese
June 11, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsWho Reigns?
June 10, 2020Pastor Farai NhiwatiwaWho Is In Control?
June 9, 2020Pastor Phil MillsThe First Great Deception
June 8, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleIn Front of Them All
June 3, 2020Pastor Phil MillsThe Snares of Satan
June 2, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 7: COVID-19 in a Post-Truth World
June 1, 2020Pastor Sean BrizendineEast to West and Into the Universe
May 29, 2020Pastor Rod ThompsonThe Elijah Message
May 28, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyBuilding Blocks 5: The Blessed Hope
May 27, 2020Pastor Garhett MorganExodus Part 2
May 26, 20202Pastor Garhett MorganExodus Part 1: What Will You See
May 25, 2020Pastor Farai NhiwatiwaTrue Freedom
May 21, 20202Pastor Jacob GibbsThrough Him
May 20, 2020Pastor Sean BrizendineJesus in Quarantine
May 19, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 6: Faith Without Cloud or Pillar
May 18, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 5: The End or the Beginning
May 15, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 4: Prophetic Lockdown
May 14, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelLASIC Operation
May 13, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyBuilding Blocks 4: Character
May 5, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyBuilding Blocks 3: Perseverance
April 30, 2020Pastor Darryl Bentley Building Blocks 2: Glory Among the Thorns
April 28, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 3: Political Intrigue and Power
April 27, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 2: Survival in a Surveillance State
April 24, 2020Pastor Ron KellyConfidence in Crisis 1
April 23, 2020Pastor Sean ReedTime to be Wide Awake
April 8, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyBuilding Blocks of Faith 1
April 1, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelThe Wellness of Faith
March 31, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsFinding Work in All Seasons
March 27. 2020Pastor Sean ReedWe Have Hope
March 26, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelThe Unholy Trinity
March 25, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsDeep Secrets
March 24, 2020Pastor Sean ReedReacting in a Crisis
March 13, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyArmor Up: Watchman
March 11, 2020Pastor Ron KellyPreparing and Passing Through the Time of Trouble
March 10, 2020Pastor Darryl BentleyArmor Up: Sword of the Spirit
March 6, 2020Pastor Phil MillsRepairer of the Breach-3
March 5, 2020Pastor Phil MillsRepairer of the Breach-2: The Scattering
March 4, 2020Pastor Phil MillsRepairer of the Breach-1: It's Time
March 3, 2020Pastor Jermaine GayleAs Long As I Live
February 28, 2020Pastor Jacob GibbsSurprized by Wrath
February 26, 2020Pastor Wes PeppersPeter Loves Jesus
February 25, 2020Pastor Sean ReedGrand Gestures
February 24, 2020Pastor Darryl Bentley Armor UP: Helmet of Salvation
February 21, 2020Pastor Cory HerthelThe Other Helper
Pastor Jacob GibbsThe Gospel Deterrent
Pastor Phil MillsLabor Pains
Pastor Phil MillsAngels & Demons
Pastor Bob StewartThe Typology of Adam & The Gender Wars
Preparing to See God
Pastor Bob StewartI Must Decrease
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 7
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 6
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 5
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 4
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 3
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 2
Pastor Mark SandovalLaws of Life: 1