What seems random or coincident is God- directed confluence. This time it is the study of Hebrews. Last August, we seized the opportunity to record Dr. Erhard Gallos in a series on Hebrews chapters four and ten without any specific air date. Looking for a theme to our January newsletter we decided to do Dr. Gallos’ theme for the featured article.

Pastor Dan Rachor had done a complementary study of most of the rest of Hebrews except for the topics of Hebrews four and ten covered by Dr. Gallos. It seemed wise to complete the study of this book with a studio recording for airing. Then we learned that five years previous the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church Adult Sabbath School committee selected Hebrews for the church’s study January through March of 2022.

What is Jesus doing for us in heaven right now? Find the answer to this & other important questions in Pastor Dan Rachor & Dr. Erhard Gallo’s chapter-by-chapter study of Hebrews. 

What “rest” is the author referring to in Hebrews chapter 4? Join Dr. Erhard Gallows as he takes Pastor Bob Benson & Production Director, Tom Mejeur through proof of its true context & meaning.