Broadcasting Program Descriptions

A new program from 3ABN that focuses on the family.

Enjoy all the sermons, music, and praise reports from 3ABN’s annual fall Homecoming camp meeting. It’s a family reunion you’ll remember for years to come!

Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton and others as they host 3ABN’s flagship program. You’ll enjoy inspirational interviews, discover new ministries, acquire important health information, and enjoy the finest vegan vegetarian cuisine.

Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton, and other hosts for this weekly two-hour live edition of 3ABN’s flagship program. In addition to the inspiring testimonies and music, viewers can all in with comments and for free offers. Our once a month “Behind the Scenes at 3ABN” program brings you updates on 3ABN’s networks and projects.

A one-hour weekly talk show focusing on health issues in Indian country. The show covers a broad range of health issues, viewed in a holistic way in keeping with traditional Native perspectives. Acting as show host is David DeRose M.D.

Great changes worldwide have been occurring rapidly under the guise of health and climate change. In reference to these last days, Daniel 12:1 states, “At that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book.” Friends, the Word of God here declares that there SHALL be a time of trouble! And as we look through this fog of our rapidly changing world, we may discern signs that indicate that we are entering the little time of trouble which will lead to a great time of trouble! This warning in Daniel is given with the hope that you, and your loved ones, will find your names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! We pray that your spiritual eyesight will discern the signs of the times much more clearly as you study with Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton, this message again entitled, “Seeing Through the Fog of Our Rapidly Changing World”  

Presentation by author, speaker, and teacher, Scott Ritsema, Media on the Brain is much more than a seminar. It is a fast-paced, information-packed revelation on what media viewing does and the motives of the creators. Gain inspiration from families who have found freedom from media addiction. And behold something better in the character of Christ.

In this series, Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to live call-in questions.

Get your kids excited about the Bible! This series presents Bible stories from the Old Testament, the life and times of Jesus, as well as the apostle Paul’s life and travels from the New Testament. These spiritual stories, complete with music and sound effects, will captivate listeners of all ages.

Dr. Carlton P. Byrd is the Senior Pastor of the Oakwood University Church and the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast, presents the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to all people groups from a contemporary, urban perspective.

Hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman is designed to provide, fun, informative, and practical help for your marriage. Chris and Andrea Fabry join Chapman each week to provide real-life interaction as they tackle some of the most challenging issues affecting relationships today.

Camp Meeting is a spiritual retreat and Strong Tower Radio has captured some the best sermons and rebroadcasts them for you.

Stories of Christian who made a difference in the world for Christ.  This is a Youth with a Message production with Written by Jane and Geff Beng and narrative by Tim Gregory.

This Voice of Prophecy program is a Bible-based audio adventure series for kids! Discovery Mountain teaches young ones about building character and learning life-lessons from Bible stories and Scripture.

The goal of this program is to educate listeners about vegetarian cooking and encourage them to try this healthy lifestyle. During the episode, a recipe is given and then the ingredients and the health benefits are discussed, assuring the listeners that vegetarian cooking is not hard to do.

Sermons from Strong Tower Radio area pastors posted weekdays.  This is a Strong Tower Radio Network Production.

A musical program featuring selected music from the Gaither Homecoming Radio Program.

The reading of ‘The Great Controversy’ is a book written by Ellen G. White. It describes the “Great Controversy theme” between Jesus and Satan, as played out over the millennia from its start in heaven, to its final end when the world is destroyed and recreated.

Ellen White was a woman of remarkable spiritual gifts who lived most of her life during the nineteenth century (1827-1915), yet through her writings she is still making a revolutionary impact on millions of people around the world. During her lifetime she wrote more than 5,000 periodical articles and 40 books; but today, including compilations from her 50,000 pages of manuscript, more than 100 titles are available in English. She is the most translated woman writer in the entire history of literature, and the most translated American author of either gender.

Hosted by Jilane Fenner is a musical program with a mix of Southern Gospel, Blue Grass, Country, instrumental and just all around great gospel music.

Kelly Mowrer brings you the life-giving power of God’s Word as she reads the Scriptures.

InVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation. Host Justin Kim and his team discuss what the Bible has to say. These are real-life discussions with profound insights about life principles. Regardless of your background, you will enjoy this diverse group of friends as they study the Word of God.

Pastor John Bradshaw takes timeless truths and applies them to everyday life in this, one of the longest-running Christian television programs in the world. People of all faiths and creeds—even those with no faith at all—have been inspired and encouraged through It Is Written’s straightforward and uplifting presentations.

Joe Crews, the speaker and director of Amazing Facts for nearly 30 years, was a dynamic radio and TV personality. These 15-minute spiritual nuggets will keep you thinking all day long.

Heroes of History is a unique biography series that brings the shaping of history to life with the remarkable true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history.  They are told in an engaging narrative format, where related history, geography, government, and science topics come to life and make a lasting impression. This is a premier biography line for the entire family.

A 15-minute program produced by Pastor Garhett Morgan that brings a spiritual insight from and interest point in history.  This is a Strong Tower Radio Network Production.

Rob West and Steve Moore spend a half hour every weekday helping listeners with their financial questions.

Inspirational music and sermons by Pastor Wintley Phipps.

A programs that raises viewers’ awareness of the principles of biblically-based psychology, sharing with them secrets to better mental health, relationship health, and spiritual-health.  Jill Schwirzer hosts this series with a panel of Christian counselors.

Hosted by 3ABN on-air personality Jay Christian, featuring Christian favorites selected from hymns, gospel, country, and contemporary artists.

Nightsounds with Bill Pearce – Easy Listening for Hard Times. This long time favorite touches many “stressors” that most of us face. He soothes with excitingly beautiful and mellow music enhanced by words of wisdom.

A series reliving the beginnings of the Seventh-day Adventist church through 117 dramatized audio stories. You will be enthralled by the dedication of our early pioneers as they come to life through each story. Travel with these pioneers as they learn about the message of the second coming of Jesus and then like the disciples evangelize communities across America and then the globe. 

Steps To Christ is one of the most often read and widely circulated books by Ellen G. White. Here it is in audio form in its entirety to bless listeners with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Program with Christian singer and pastor Wintley Phipps sermons.  Wintley Phipps served as senior pastor to several churches in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, including the Capitol Hill and Seabrook Seventh-day Adventist Churches. He currently serves as pastor of the Palm Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Palm Bay, Florida.

Pastor Jay Gallimore who is known for his Romans and other seminars records one of his favorite books of the Bible with commentary with co-host Holly Bailey-Wiltzer. This is a Strong Tower Radio Network Production.

A three-hour set of music appropriate for creating a Sabbath atmosphere in your home or car. Jay Bucolic mixes music, poems, and thoughtful reflections to turn your thoughts towards God on His designated day of rest, ‘The Seventh Day’.

Have you had a hard time getting a handle on the book of Revelation? Have you read it repeatedly but felt like you just couldn’t connect the dots? Then this program is for you. Join hosts Ivor Myers and James Rafferty as they take a careful and thoughtful look at the themes and meaningful symbolism of this important book.  Produced by It Is Written Canada.

Our passion at the Institute for Creation Research is to see science return to its rightful God-glorifying position, and see creation recognized as a strength by the body of Christ; supporting Scripture, answering questions, satisfying doubts and removing road blocks to the Gospel.

Wednesday Night Bible Study. Speaker: Pastor John Lomacang and other 3ABN presenters host this mid-week prayer

“Steps to Christ” has helped thousands become acquainted with Jesus. And it has helped many more, including those who have walked with Him for years, to know Him better. In just thirteen short chapters, “Steps to Christ” will help you discover the path to finding a forever friendship with Jesus.

Hosts Jilane Fenner and George Corliss would like to invite you to join them every Monday at 10:00am for Strong Tower Radio Today. Each week they feature area ministries and inspirational guests and spotlight how they proclaim the character of God in the communities that they serve.

Real people…real life stories…stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything. “UNSHACKLED!” the award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives.

Yvonne Lewis hosts this program of riveting testimonies, as well as valuable insights from experts on a wide variety of topics, including money.

Some of the best evangelistic series in the 3ABN archives presented for both the seeker and the lifelong committed Christian seeking God’s will for their lives.

Enjoy Sabbath Worship with a variety of pastor and locations.

A dramatic presentation about the Bible, aimed at children, using good morals and Biblical themes.

This weekly program shares timeless Bible stories to a second generation. This delightful program is filled with varied character voices, background music, sound effects and easy-to-follow biblical truths.