Grand Haven Station$467,000$450,000

Praise God!   In late June and July, several donors gave nearly $50,000 to provide the needed funds to complete purchase of WMPA, 93.1 FM, near Grand Haven.     Thank you to all who have given to purchase this station and keep giving to support continued operating costs!

Over $467,000 has been given through early August 2023 that has not only funded this station’s purchase, but also the first year of operations and relocation.     Relocation became necessary when the initial tower owners exercised a clause in the contract with WGHN that granted them the right to terminate the contract with 60 days’ notice for any reason.   (We share an antenna with their station, and we are purchasing WMPA from WGHN after being on an operating lease the past 15 months)

Our heavenly Father provided a tower in Spring Lake, 5 miles inland, that gives similar coverage for less tower rent!    We’d expected coverage to be better to the SE and NE, yet have found that with the antenna placement being 46 feet lower HAAT [height above average terrain], reception isn’t as strong/clear in the 2 outer bands to the S and SE (see coverage image).   We’re trusting God to direct us how to resolve that loss going forward.

Glory to God Who through His many generous followers has provided this station to reach greater Holland, Grand Haven, and Muskegon with the Everlasting Gospel in the context of the Three Angel’s Messages!    By the power of the Holy Spirit, this area’s soul harvest will be much greater with this marvelous evangelistic tool!


Current WMPA Coverage

Previous WMPA Coverage