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On Nov 21, 2022, both WGHN, 92.1 FM, and WMPA, 93.1 FM, Strong Tower Radio went silent.  

What happened?

A four-month dispute between the stations’ owner, Will Tieman, and the city of Grand Haven, the tower owner, escalated to the point of the city cutting off the electrical supply.  The dispute went more public after that, with the City of Grand Haven asserting that WGHN had violated various sections of the tower lease contract and pointing to those as reason for eviction.

[note: STR currently leases WMPA.   Based on what we’ve been told, STR content is the issue, but the City of Grand Haven is using other assertions to remove STR from the tower]   

Will Tieman made a four-page response to the city’s assertions, which revealed rather embarrassing details of the city’s mismanagement and remediation efforts that explained the real story behind a utility bill problem.   Will closed the document by saying that this is WGHN’s last public statement on the matter.  You may read that statement at the following link:  Grand Haven Stations Info

On November 18, WGHN Inc. submitted applications for both WGHN and WMPA to the FCC requesting a move to another tower a few miles inland near Spring Lake.   This typically takes 90 days, but the FCC expedited the process and granted the relocation on Dec 9, just 3 weeks later, praise God!!

This bodes well for quicker restoration of broadcasting for both signals, now from the Spring Lake tower!   We praise God for His provision through these developments the past few months, including the funds given toward completing the purchase of this strategic signal.    Satan fights hardest for prime territory, and we praise God Who is the victor in Grand Haven!

We expected to relocate the station at the end of the tower lease in 2025, this simply accelerates timing.     Coverage from this new tower will also improve toward the NE, E, and SE by 3-5 miles.   The tower rent will be lower than we would have obtained in other circumstances, so the obstacle Satan threw in our path is being turned to good: Amen, another Romans 8:28 testimony!

We praise the Lord that $405,000 has been given to date toward purchasing WMPA!  The relocation will cost STR $20,000, and $100,000 is still owed to complete the station purchase.   Of the $120,000 required, $75,000 has been given to date: just $45,000 needed to fully own 93.1 FM, WMPA!

The equipment and the antenna are all now set up at the Spring Lake tower, with an additional in line tuner installed mid-way up the feedline.    Engineers are still working through harmonic interference issues and have ordered two filters that should resolve the issue.   On March 11, the stations resumed broadcasting, yet at reduced power of 750 watts (ERP), and therefore cover a smaller area.   With full resolution of harmonic interference issues, the signal will then resume full power broadcast!

Please continue to pray for God’s providential guidance as STR moves forward.      This is a modern example of Isaiah 49:22, as God has raised up a standard and is carrying us on the shoulders of WGHN!    Glory to God!

His promises are sure; you can count on Jesus!  May His fulfilled Word give you an amazing, living testimony to share!    If not already, please pray without ceasing for STR Grand Haven and the many souls who will embrace the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ through this powerful ministry.    Thank you for praying, and giving as the Holy Spirit impresses you to help fund this new station.