Describing A Miracle

By definition a miracle is hard to explain but let’s try. First, God’s time is the best time. We may think it is late but it was just in time. June 30th, 2017, the morning of the new Broadcast Station closing, we were short $227,000.

Never in STR history have we come up to the day without the money in hand. Friday at 7:28 am, George shared a text of faith to the staff. David replied by posting Exodus 14 where the Israelite were at the Red Sea hemmed in by the approaching angry Egyptian army, and flanked by mountains giving no apparent escape. Within two hours donations came in covering the purchase price.

Usually, a buyer needs three business days for funds to be certified (the checks to clear on another bank). Two of the key donations were drawn on other banks, so it was an impossible situation to close on the same day but not with God. Isn’t God awesome!

Behind the Scenes of the Broadcast Center Miracle Story.

A Continued Story by Jilane Fenner
Monday, Dec.5th, 2016 David asked me to check on the Fox TV building price after Cadillac Pastor Pat Milligan & Keith Rose drove by the station and cell phone called David asking him if he had ever thought about the building for STR? He had! David first had prayed for this 17,000 sq. ft. building when it was listed in July 2016 for $599,000. My research revealed the price had been reduced twice to now $499,000 and it was still available!

David and I first toured the building Wednesday, Dec. 7th. As the realtor let us in a side door of this two-story broadcast station, I saw a long hallway with many rooms on each side most with computer screens, a real nice foyer with a big screen TV, studios and recording booths, an emergency generator, and a 160′ microwave tower. Even Direct TV paying rent!

The next day, Thursday, Dec. 8th David came out to my house to fix my 3ABN dish. After realigning the dish he mentioned a vivid dream he had at Thanksgiving but he didn’t know what it meant.

He said he saw a two-story building that STRONG TOWER RADIO (STR) was going to move into. The previous occupant was moving across the road to a different building. There was a long hallway with rooms off on each side & there were big screen TVs thru out.

I couldn’t believe what he was saying!!! My jaw must have hit the floor! That is exactly what it looked like what we saw when we toured the building. Plus the sellers were moving across the road & not far from this site! My husband told me later that was when he knew David’s dream was from God.

The STR board and contractors looked at this building. We asked God that He would make His will known.

Our STR Christmas party/social was held on Sunday, Dec. 11th at my house. We enjoyed fellowship, fun & food then the board went into our office to discuss this opportunity. After lots of prayer & discussion, the board unanimous decided to offer one of two options a two-year 6% land contact or lump sum July 1st payment both with a down payment.

I explained to Greg their realtor we didn’t have any money & we needed time to raise the money. Gave him some back ground on STR & how we’ve grown plus told him that 1 year ago we bought a Grand Rapids station for $1,500,000 & didn’t have the money then either but closed on time. God had always been faithful in the past & we’ve always raised what we needed to purchase 11 radio stations & 1 TV station

The SEV was about $453,000 which the State of Michigan says the true value is twice that amount. So the building is worth over $900,000 & my husband, Bryan who is a contractor, said you couldn’t build that building for $1,000,000 today, plus it sits on 10 acres!!

The sellers countered with $466,000, $60,750 down with in 7 business days & close by July 1st. The board accepted this offer & we now had 7 business days to raise the $60,750 (which we did!). Now we had 6 months to raise $405,250, piece of cake or so we thought based on past experience!! But the money came in slowly.

Here's a Look at the Strong Tower Radio Broadcast Center's Miracle Story and Progress!