January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Listeners called me directly saying how much they learned from last week's Strong Tower Radio human trafficking interview program. We felt we needed to do more on this difficult tragic subject.

This program was with the national Truckers Against Trafficking's co-founder and a three-time human trafficking victim. Our guests this week is a Flint area victim, the agency who is assisting in her healing in northern rural Michigan, and a passionate trafficking awareness advocate.

Human trafficking happens everywhere and Michigan is one of the leading states! Abductions, subductions, and recruiting happens in many places and even small rural communities lose children, young people, and adults. It can exist in places where neighbors may be unaware. There are young people attending school and are trafficked after school.

It is a very complicated issue, even more complex than drug/alcohol addiction. Contributing factors appears to be dysfunctional homes, drugs/alcohol, or poverty that lead to this tragic situation. The victims are controlled by multiple factors that keep them in this horrific whirlpool.

We will talk about risk factors and prevention that individuals and churches can do. Please join us for this most important subject this month and all year long.

We will be adding more each week!