"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe."

Proverbs 18:10 NKJV

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Two delusions misleading Christians today are: God’s Law and immortality of the soul. James 2:10 teaches us that God’s law is indivisible, if you break one commandment, you break all ten. God tells us “I will not change the thing that has gone out of my lips” (Ps 89:34). Sabbath began with Creation. God time-stamped humanity through spoken creation using seven 24-hour days. God calls us to remember (Ex 20:8). This is the ONLY source of the weekly cycle. God’s followers are to be sealed with His law, and He identifies the seventh day as His Sabbath, a sign of His covenant. (Is 8:16, Ex 31:13) Earth’s final test is, who will you worship? (Rev 13-14) Will you worship God from love, or man from fear? “Worship God in spirit and truth” (Jn 4:24). To those worshiping based on human wisdom Jesus will sadly say “I never knew you, depart from Me…” (Matt 7:23).

The second great delusion is immortality of the soul, yet the Bible is so clear. Only God has immortality (1 Tim 6:16). The psalmist states, “the dead don’t praise the Lord,” and Solomon expounds, “the living know they’ll die, but the dead know nothing.” (Ps 115:17, Eccl 9:5) Paul tells us “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his own order: Christ the first fruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming” (1 Cor 15:22-23). Because of traditions introduced into the early apostolic church, these plain truths are ignored, as the church drifted from God (see the 7 churches message in Revelation 1-3).

STR will address these two delusions, along with many related false doctrines, by clearly presenting Bible truths in special programs for 2021. May God fill us with the Holy Spirit and enable us to give the trumpet that certain sound!

2020 Strong Tower Radio Recap

Many things have happened for STR both for the station and for our listeners and God is moving in the hearts and minds of our supporters to proclaim God’s character to the local listening areas and the world. With the pandemic looming in everyone’s mind, we were able to ramp up our global viability and attempt to reach more people where they were at in a form that they desired.

January started with a powerful message from Elder Gallimore that focused our thoughts toward empowering change in our lives by following the right coach and the changes He can help us with. That message coupled with our President’s message for resolving our spiritual “hard drive” problems.

In February Pastor Daniel Jean-Francois reminded us that we were created by God as one race with one mission. We shared some specific needs to keep the station functioning and we welcomed several new employees to the roster.

March was family month and our President wrote about how the first family invited God to walk with them right from the start. We also started to get pictures of STR going into schools as an outreach.

April focused our attention towards the cross and what that can mean for our lives. We started to hear rumblings of a need for some streaming capabilities to broadcast to literally all the world.

May brought a twofold focus to mothers and the increasing concern about the Covid pandemic and the strategy for dealing with the pressures that surrounded us through faith, hope and love. It was interesting to see God working in our station to answer prayers and provide new technologies such as podcasts and streaming radio.

With May focusing on mothers, June focused on a twofold strategy of fathers and also the positive influence that Strong Tower Radio has across the airwaves. We had a gardening expert commentary and a path for positive thinking.

July and August were combined months that found missions in the spotlight along with missions bookending our month and the continued witness that STR brings to the listeners. With keeping that focus in mind there was a strong sense of advertising our station to the public in the form of billboards to bring awareness to a greater amount of people that may have never had another chance to reap the benefits that have been planted in the fertile soil of the airwaves.

With the ripening harvest that comes with fall so September found us attending to God’s business and the compassion that comes with fulfilling our duties to the best of our abilities. New discussions and discoveries were taking place in the form of our new streaming radio broadcast capabilities and what the next school year would bring for our listeners.

October brought a renewed emphasis on the work of the reformation and where would we be without the brave people who stood for the right though the Heaven’s fall? We reported on the impact STR is having on people’s lives, especially when they can access the truth in the way that is most meaningful to them, such as online streaming, radio, and podcasts.

November brought to the forefront the Thanksgiving that we continually have from the blessings that we witness including a new face and name from our office welcoming our intern, Samson. There were and are continuing to be many things to be thankful for as we witness on the airwaves and effect the lives of our listeners.

December found us wrapping up this eventful year the renewed focus on the love of God and what that means to each one of us through Christmas. We also provided 48 hours of strictly Christmas programming to our listener to set the stage for the birthday of our Savior.

As you can see, this has been a whirlwind of a year even with the constraints that a pandemic brought upon all of us. We will not rest on our laurels, though, as there is a world filled with people hungry for truth and as we can see the harvest is ripening with those who are willing to take the truth to the ends of the Earth, truly proclaiming God’s character.

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"By definition, a miracle is hard to explain but let's try. First, God's time is the best time. We may think it is late but it was just in time. June 30, 2017, the morning of the new Strong Tower Radio Broadcast Station closing, we were short $227,000..."

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